Serving Within the Church

  • God has blessed all of us with unique gifts He wants us to use to glorify Him and further his kingdom.¬†Whether through your time or one of your talents, there is a contribution you can make. Take a look below to see the ways you can serve your local church.

  • AV/Sound: Operators, Set-Up/Tear Down

    NAPC would love your help to ensure our audio-visual/sound run well each week. We need folks to serve as an operator (training will be provided), on the set-up crew or the tear-down crew. All crews would need to arrive prior to worship (approx 6:30am) and stay after Acoustic worship (until approx 1:30pm).

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  • Trailer Hauling Crew

    NAPC has 2 Trailers that require hauling every Sunday morning. If you have a truck, and would love to serve in this way, we'd love your help!

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  • General Set-Up & Tear Down

    As a portable church, we'd love your your help to set-up and tear-down each week. This team would need to arrive at 7am to unload the trailers, and set-up all Non-AV related items. The tear down crew would stay after Acoustic to help ensure to pack up the trailers, and make sure we did not leave anything behind-departing no later than 1:30pm.

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  • Sunday Servants

    Lend us your smile to greet people as they come to worship on Sundays. Help folks find a seat in the Worship Center and walk them to the seat. Make a great cup of coffee. Lead a team of volunteers. This crew would need to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to service.

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  • JAM! Teacher or Assistant

    Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, Spirit-filled learning environment in which our children can develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We would love your help to Teach our children, or assistant in the classroom one time a month. Teachers in our JAM! Classrooms must be an NAPC Member.

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  • Nursery & Toddler Room Helpers

    Are you a baby whisperer, or do you just love holding and playing with little ones? We would love to have your help! As a Nursery/Toddler volunteer you are needed for the duration of the Worship Service.

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  • EQUIP / Kids

    Our kids must be prepared to grow in their faith and share their faith with others. EQUIP/Kids complements the current JAM program. EQUIP /Kids uses an active learning model that includes drama (skits), and games to help kids apply Biblical truths to their lives. EQUIP/Kids meets at 10:15am to 11:00am in between our two services, and we would love your help to serve as a Teacher, Assistant, Drama Actor, or with Children's Choir one time per month.

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  • Worship Team

    Serve in the Acoustic Worship Ministry program at NAPC and lead Worship alongside Lucy Hauser each Sunday. Email Lucy Hauser to join this team.

  • Traditional Worship

    Our Sanctuary Choir is always looking for people to join their ministry. Visit our Music Ministry page to find out more or contact Pastor Mark to sign up.