David Milroy

Lead Pastor

Ken Rathburn

Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Operations


Charley Bartelmay

Youth Director

Karla Muzi

Administrative and Communications Manager

Abram Siegel

Director of Worship Music

Kelly Schroer

Administrative Assistant

Mary Jane Carpenter



Jeff Caimi

Operations, Finance & Stewardship Committees

Michelle Clapham

People & Culture, Discipleship Committees

Brett Core

People and Culture, Discipleship and Nominating Committees

Sean Gleeson

Governance & Strategy, Missions Outreach Committees

Andrea Hays

Communications and Discipleship Committees

Vince Jenkins

Finance & Stewardship, Missions Outreach Committees

Rob Milligan

Operations & Discipleship Committees

Josh Polk

People & Culture, Communications & Discipleship Committees

Eric Roverud

Governance & Strategy, Finance & Stewardship, Nominating Committees

Patrick Smith

Governance & Strategy, Missions Outreach Committees

Laura Stanley

Finance & Stewardship, Communications & Missions Outreach Committees

David Wallace

People and Culture, Missions Outreach Committees


Jeff Dreiling

Connections, Special Prayer Services

Dana Keating-Marziale

Fellowship, Volunteer Gratitude

Sue Boothe

HinGe Caregiver, Volunteer Gratitude, Funeral Lead

Martha French

Volunteer Gratitude

Doug Jenkins

Volunteer Gratitude

Zach McMichael

Special Services Lead

Adam Myhal

Volunteer Scheduling, Special Services Lead

Davida Peters

Meal Team Coordination

Teresa Poeppelman

Volunteer Scheduling

Kyle Schaper

Communion Scheduling

Suzie Stawicki

Staff Appreciation, Prayer Request Coordinator

Kelly Studer

Deacon Moderator

Anna Tipton

Communion Preparation, Connections

April Zoric

Care Management, Secretary