NAPC Life Team

A Life Team, as defined by the EPC and Presbyterians Protecting Human Life, is a group of people who can help equip members and attendees to address the most urgent social issues of our time. A Life Team is a small group of people, within a church, that affirms the sanctity of human life and encourages others in and around the church and community to affirm the sanctity of human life as well. The foundational motivation for the Life Team ministry is the gospel.

Pictured above: Our Life Team members at the PDHC Diaper and Wipe Drive in February 2024.

Pregnancy Decision Health Centers (PDHC)

PDHC’s mission is to empower individuals to make healthy life choices consistent with the God-given intrinsic value of every human life. Their locations are: Family Empowerment Center (Worthington) and four Caring Center locations in Central Ohio (Campus, North Columbus, West Columbus, and Lancaster). They offer pregnancy support (ultrasounds, abortion pill reversal, hotline support, access to community resources), family support (parenting classes, baby supplies – clothing, car seats, cribs, and diapers), youth development (healthy choice education for middle and high school students), and abortion recovery (counseling for people struggling with recent or past decisions to abort).

Choosing Hope Adoptions

Choosing Hope Adoptions desires to see every baby and child in a loving, stable home. Founded in 2013, Choosing Hope has seen Birth Families and prospective Adoptive Families struggle to find ethical adoption agencies that treat all parties, Adoptive Families and the Birth Family, with a high level of support, education and compassion. Choosing Hope Adoptions was formed to place children in Christian families in the state of Ohio. Choosing Hope Adoptions is a full-service, non-profit adoption agency licensed in the state of Ohio. They have office locations in Dayton, Cincinnati, Springfield, and Columbus.  

Alicia’s Closet

Alicia’s Closet is a nonprofit organization serving the foster care community in Central Ohio (Columbus/Franklin County and surrounding areas).  They provide infant to young adult sized clothing, shoes, coats, diapers & wipes, baby accessories and other essentials, at no cost to families. Alicia’s Closet exists to support the foster care community through action, both children and their families & caregivers.  As an “extension” of Alicia’s Closet, they also lead a Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Family Support Group. They have locations in Reynoldsburg and Dublin.

Get involved

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Life Team or any of the areas of ministry please reach out to Beth Jenkins, Carmela Dreiling, Theresa Dreiling, Tanner Fixari, Andrea Hays or Michelle Brown Singh